With TRIZBOX you get carefully selected and tested artifacts representing each of the 40 inventive principles of TRIZ

TRIZBOX makes idea generation tangible


The organization, color coding and labelling of the artifacts makes it fast and easy to use the TRIZBOX.


All artifacts are carefully selected and went through a rigorous testing process to represent the inventive principles in the best possible way.


TRIZBOX comes in the right size to fulfill your needs. Choose one of the different sizes or get your TRIZBOX in a custom size.


TRIZBOX was developed together with leading TRIZ experts and tested it in various workshops. Experienced trainers helped to find the most valuable artifacts.

Trainer, Teacher, Workshop Coach?

We made TRIZBOX especially for you

TRIZBOX for Trainings

TRIZBOX provides real-life examples to demonstrate the inventive principles of the TRIZ method, making it easier for seminar participants to familiarize and remember the inventive principles. Providing a tangible experience of each principle, TRIZBOX is didactically valuable and supports your teaching methods. Trainings involving the TRIZBOX are thrilling, eye- opening and more fun for both participants and trainers.

TRIZBOX for Ideation Workshops

TRIZBOX helps designing workshops for inventive problem solving and ideation. The creativity of participants gets strongly stimulated by the provided artifacts. TRIZBOX makes it easier for workshop participants to understand and apply the inventive principles of TRIZ and to come up with lots of cutting-edge ideas in a short period of time. Using the TRIZBOX, even beginners and less experienced team members can easily benefit from the TRIZ method.

The right TRIZBOX for you

Together with leading experts in TRIZ we developed three sizes of TRIZBOX to make your workshop or teaching as easy and effective as possible


  • For maximum mobility and small teams
  • Portable suitcase
  • Limited number of artifacts (40)
  • Best suited to get started with TRIZ
  • 1.680 € excl. VAT
Get your TRIZBOX


  • For trainings and workshops
  • Mobile trolley suitcase
  • Large number of artifacts (100)
  • Best suited for travelling trainers and consultants
  • 3.990 € excl. VAT
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TRIZBOX Corporate

  • For trainings and workshops in large groups
  • Representative aluminum case
  • Wide number of artifacts (120)
  • Best suited for dedicated creativity rooms
  • 4.900 € excl. VAT
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  • Adapted to your individual needs
  • Different repositories and designs possible
  • Your choice of artifacts
  • Integration into existing training concepts
  • Custom Price
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What our customers say about TRIZBOX

  • The use of the TRIZBOX adds a hands-on experience to my trainings of the TRIZ method. The vivid artifacts help participants to keep the principles in mind.

    Prof. Oliver Mayer, Sr. Principal Scientist, General Electric Global Research
  • We use TRIZ in product development and apply the TRIZBOX in order to illustrate the inventive principles. TRIZBOX helps our employees to overcome the barrier of using an abstract method like TRIZ.

    Dieter Ziegltrum, Head of Value Engineering, BMW

Our dedicated team

We are munich based engineers. Our experience lies both within innovation consultancy and Product dev. We strive to make innovation and idea generation as easy and accessible as possible for everyone.

Christoph Arnold

Christoph Arnold Gründer und Geschäftsführer

Christoph is working as an innovation consultant. TRIZBOX helps him to create better ideas together with his clients.

Daniel Wagner

Daniel Wagner Gründer

Daniel is finishing his PhD at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in the field of product development. As a designer and technology scout in the automobile industry TRIZBOX helped him in a lot of workshops.

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